XenCenter vs vCenter

To manage View or XenDesktop you need to use one of their ___Center products.  For the most part these products are about managing the Hypervisors be it Xen or ESXi that is being managed.  The "Center" products are all about managing clusters and datacenters.  Designing High Availability, Resource Pools, Network configurations, etc.  While I still believe that VMware has the lead in this technology because what we are really talking about is the Hypervisor again, I do need to point out one key difference between these technologies that has nothing to do with the Hypervisor.

In the Citrix world, you do not need a dedicated XenCenter server.  In the VMware world you do need a dedicated vCenter server.  Not that big of a deal, but something to note when you start comparing the products.

What this means is that if I want to setup a POC of View I need at least two VMs (not including the infrastructure) one for the Broker and one for vCenter.  With Citrix I only need one for the DDC.  I can install the management console of XenCenter on my desktop.